Water Use Calculator

Are you water wise? Try our water use calculator.

Increasingly, Americans are becoming more aware of the importance of using water wisely. But how do you know if you are doing a good or a poor job of conserving, or not wasting water?

Try this simple water calculator to get a reference for your family water use. Just fill in the blue boxes and watch the water usage change.  
  Number of people in the house          
  Number home during weekday          
  Number home during weekend day          
  Number of guest days / year (i.e. if 3 people stay 4 days that is 12 guest days)  
  Enter 1 if water softener is used, if not enter 0  
  Enter 1 for water treatment equipment other than water softener, if not enter 0  
      Standard Appliance Water Saving Appliance  
    Water used by clothes washer/week gals gals    
    Water used by dishwasher/week gals gals    
    Water used for hand washing dishes/week gals gals    
    Water used by toilets / week
gals gals    
    Water used by bathroom sinks / week gals gals    
    Water used by showers / week
gals gals    
    Water used for general cleaning / week gals gals    
    Water used for softener / week
gals gals    
    Water used for water treatment / week gals gals    
    Water used outside / week gals gals    
    Average daily water use / person gals gals    

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