Platform LLC

NGWA Member
Platform LLC
563 Big Basin Rd
North Fayston, VT 05660


  • Air rotary drilling (ARD)
  • Auger drilling (AUD)
  • Env monitoring/observation (MOW)
  • Geotechnical drilling/caissons (GDC)
  • Hydraulic push/direct push (HYD)
  • Injection wells (IJW)
  • Piezometer Installation (PIE)
  • Aquifer rehabilition (AQR)
  • Groundwater level monitoring (GLM)
  • Solar powered pumps (SPP)
  • Submersible pumps (SPI)
  • Environmental site assessments (ESA)
  • Pumping tests (PUT)
  • Professional/Ethics/Business (PEB)
  • Research/technical development (RTD)


  • CWD

Individual Members

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