Sperry Drilling Inc

NGWA Member
Sperry Drilling Inc
1023 Cumberland Hwy
Berlin, PA 15530-5909
United States
(814) 267-6105


  • Air rotary drilling (ARD)
  • Domestic wells (DOW)
  • Geotechnical drilling/caissons (GDC)
  • Geothermal wells (GTW)
  • Irrigation wells (IRW)
  • Livestock wells (LIW)
  • Municipal wells (MUW)
  • Piezometer Installation (PIE)
  • Recovery wells (REW)
  • Well completion/development (WCD)
  • Well design (WED)
  • Aquifer thermal energy storage (AES)
  • Geothermal energy (GTE)
  • Heat pump design (HPD)
  • Heat pump loop field design (HPL)
  • Heat pump well/loop install (HPW)
  • Heat pump, commercial (HPC)
  • Heat pump, residential (HPR)
  • Alternative water sources (AWS)
  • Aquifer rehabilition (AQR)
  • Aquifer storage & recovery (ASR)
  • Aquifer tests (AQT)
  • Artificial aquifer recharge (AAR)
  • Borehole geophysics (BOG)
  • Conservation (CON)
  • Fractured rock aquifers (FRA)
  • Geophysical surveys (GES)
  • Granular aquifers (GAQ)
  • Groundwater availability (GWA)
  • Groundwater development (GWD)
  • Groundwater identification (GWI)
  • Groundwater level monitoring (GLM)
  • Internet groundwater data (IGD)
  • Karst Aquifers (KST)
  • Mine/construction dewatering (MCD)
  • Modeling (MOD)
  • Storm water management (SWM)
  • Transboundary Aquifers (TBA)
  • Water withdrawal permitting (WWP)
  • Jet pumps (JPI)
  • Solar powered pumps (SPP)
  • Submersible pumps (SPI)
  • Vertical line shaft (VLS)
  • Water system accessories (WSA)
  • Brownfields development/Mgnt (BDM)
  • Contaminant control eng'ing (CCE)
  • Contaminant site assessments (CSA)
  • Environmental site assessments (ESA)
  • Environmental statistics (STA)
  • Health impacts (HRI)
  • Microbial groundwater quality (MIC)
  • Monitoring (MON)
  • MTBE (MTB)
  • Public water system operations (PWS)
  • Remediation (REM)
  • Risk assessment (IMA)
  • Sample acquisition, GW quality (SAQ)
  • Sample acquisition, public (SAP)
  • Sample acquisition,residential (SAA)
  • Site characteristics (SCH)
  • Water quality analysis, field (WQF)
  • Water quality analysis, lab (WQL)
  • Water treatment - residential (WTR)
  • Water treatment-public systems (WTP)
  • Wellhead protection (WHP)
  • Downhole camera inspections (DTV)
  • Fishing (FIS)
  • Pumping tests (PUT)
  • Pitless Mods (WHM)
  • Well inspection (WCI)
  • Well rehabilitation (WER)
  • Well maintenance contracts (WMC)
  • Water yield enhancement (WYE)
  • Well Rehab (WER)
  • Well Inspection(WCI)
  • Well Deepening (WDP)
  • Administration/business srvs (ABS)
  • Chemical analysis (CHE)
  • Developing nations (DVN)
  • Economic analysis (ECO)
  • Expert witness (EXW)
  • Groundwater law (GWL)
  • International activity (IAC)
  • Legal issues (LEI)
  • Market research (MKR)
  • Monitoring Well Construction (MWC)
  • Professional/Ethics/Business (PEB)
  • Research/technical development (RTD)
  • Safety (SAF)



Company Overview

Sperry Drilling started in 1968, with Bernard C Sperry founding the company with drilling for coal and water wells.  Since then his daughter runs the company with 2 more generations employed there doing drilling for water wells and geothermal wells and distribution, water pump installation and repairs, water treatment installations and repairs and lots of household and commercial water needs.  We are a growing family business that is community oriented.  We are licensed in and service PA, MD & WV.  We provide fair pricing with top quality products and workmanship.  We service everything from the bottom of the well to the water in your home

Individual Members

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