To help you find a reliable water well contractor, has developed Contractor Lookup. Simply enter your location to find contractors that service your area. In addition, we have coded contractors with the following designations:

Contractors displaying this symbol in their listing are members of the National Ground Water Association (NGWA). Membership in NGWA indicates the contractor’s investment in professionalism by joining an association dedicated to supporting and enhancing the expertise of members through continuing education and information exchange.


Contractors listed as a Certified Well Driller (CWD) and/or a Certified Pump Installer (CPI or CWD/PI) have earned these designations by passing exams testing their overall expertise, as well as knowledge in specialized areas. To maintain certification, contractors must take continuing education courses, adhere to high professional standards, and have no pending legal action against them (pertinent to well construction and/or water systems installation).


The Master Ground Water Contractor (MGWC) designation is the highest level of certification and is reserved for those who have demonstrated exceptional knowledge in both water well construction and pump installation by passing additional rigorous testing and having a worked a minimum of five years full-time in the industry.