It is very important to obtain a written contract when preparing to have a well constructed. Unless you know what each contractor will do for his specified price, you cannot compare offers and decide which one to hire. The National Ground Water Association makes available standard contract forms to its members.

For a drilled well, the contract may include:

  • liability insurance coverage held by both the owner and the contractor
  • statement that all work will comply with applicable regulations and codes
  • diameter and thickness of the casing used
  • type of well development and yield evaluation procedures used
  • type of screen installed, where needed
  • type of well cap or seal used
  • the disinfection procedure
  • cleanup, including all material abandoned at a drill site
  • an anticipated start date for drilling
  • guarantee of materials and workmanship
  • contractor will do the work and correct the initial work, if necessary

The contract should itemize charges. Itemization may include the cost of:

  • drilling per foot
  • casing per foot
  • other materials, such as drive shoe, grout, and well cap
  • other operations, such as grouting, developing, test pumping, and disinfection
  • drilling deeper and/or second well to ensure an adequate water supply
  • abandonment and sealing should it prove necessary
  • anything not included in the specification

Get the most from your contractor by:

  • trusting the contractor in solving any difficulties
  • discussing unforeseen costs with the contractor
  • exploring options with the contractor, if original plans change

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