NGWA has released a new study outlining the financial and health benefits of testing and disinfecting private waters wells.

The white paper, Well Owner Disinfection Decisions Affected by Pathogenic Contamination, reports the cost of protective well testing and disinfection in water wells is substantially less than the medical treatment and lost wages stemming from becoming ill due to pathogenic contamination.

Microbial contamination of wells can result from human and animal fecal contamination carried to a well from many sources, including floodwater, waste lagoon seepage, septage and sewerage leaks, and pasturage runoff. Pathogen-contaminated wells are often associated with large-scale flooding and adverse weather such as hurricanes and tropical storms.

The health and financial cost of a contaminated water system can be steep. Health effects of diarrhea, cramps, nausea, vomiting, headaches, and even death can result from pathogens causing waterborne illness. If a person does become sick with a severe microbial infection the estimated cost can be $11,910 to $12,690 for treatment, hospitalization, and lost wages, compared to the well safety cost of $570 to $1395 for well testing and disinfection.

To bring more awareness to the benefits of properly testing and disinfecting private water wells, NGWA has created an easy-to-understand infographic that it will be sharing on social media and with water well contractors across the country.

The white paper download is free for NGWA members and available for purchase by nonmembers on NGWA’s site.