A C Schultes Inc

NGWA Member
A C Schultes Inc
664 S Evergreen Ave
Woodbury Heights, NJ 08097
(856) 845-1335


  • Air rotary drilling (ARD)
  • Auger drilling (AUD)
  • Comm/Industrial wells (CIW)
  • Exploration drilling/coring (EDC)
  • Env monitoring/observation (MOW)
  • Injection wells (IJW)
  • Irrigation wells (IRW)
  • Livestock wells (LIW)
  • Mud rotary (MRD)
  • Municipal wells (MUW)
  • Piezometer Installation (PIE)
  • Recovery wells (REW)
  • Reverse circulation drilling (RCD)
  • Well completion/development (WCD)
  • Well design (WED)
  • Aquifer thermal energy storage (AES)
  • Aquifer rehabilition (AQR)
  • Aquifer storage & recovery (ASR)
  • Aquifer tests (AQT)
  • Artificial aquifer recharge (AAR)
  • Borehole geophysics (BOG)
  • Granular aquifers (GAQ)
  • Groundwater availability (GWA)
  • Groundwater development (GWD)
  • Groundwater identification (GWI)
  • Groundwater level monitoring (GLM)
  • Storm water management (SWM)
  • Geophysical surveys (GES)
  • Water withdrawal permitting (WWP)
  • Submersible pumps (SPI)
  • Vertical line shaft (VLS)
  • Downhole camera inspections (DTV)
  • Pitless Mods (WHM)
  • Pumping tests (PUT)
  • Well maintenance contracts (WMC)
  • Water yield enhancement (WYE)
  • Well rehabilitation (WER)
  • Well inspection (WCI)
  • Well Rehab (WER)
  • Well Inspection(WCI)

Company Overview

A.C. Schultes provides a full range of water and wastewater services. Since 1921, A.C. Schultes has been a leader in large diameter deep water well construction and rehabilitation. A.C. Schultes has a full service pump and motor repair facility. This allows us to provide “turnkey” services that include pump and motor installation, repair, and 24 hour emergency service. Our construction services range from rehabilitating lift stations and treatment plants, to designing and constructing well, storage, and treatment projects.

Individual Members

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